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NGOs and Trusts which are serving Society actively for Social Cause

  • Sabal Bharat Sansthan NGO in jaipur
    Public . 6 members . Average Rating 4.0
    Sabalbharat is an organization with the aim to make India skilled and empowered. There are various programs provided by sabalbharat trust which includes education through scholarship programs,...

    Public . 15 members . Average Rating 4.7
    Working for Disabled welfare

  • A Way of Happiness Educational Society
    Public . 10 members . Average Rating 4.6
    A Way of Happiness Educational Society, founded on 24th June 2016, is a not for profit non-governmental organisation, run by a group of members of the society. We are envisioning a society...

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Companies which are actively involved in benefit of society through ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’

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Blogs, Article and Stories which are based on Social Cause and benefit to Society

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Petitions filed by Social Activists and Pledge taken by Public based on Social Cause

  • Implement disabled friendly measures in India
    Petition to the Prime Minister to implement disabled friendly measures in Indian Infrastructures and Public facilities..
    4 campaign supporters 227 Views

    Lets file the petition before India Government to Bring strict law against "CHILD BEGGING" and strict action against people who bring Children into begging industry.
    4 campaign supporters 157 Views

  • Save water by adopting #CuttingPaani.
    Every time someone leaves a glass of water unfinished, it results in wastage. There need to awareness for avoiding water wastage !
    4 campaign supporters 147 Views

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Fundraisers which are being done by Individuals and NGOs for the Causes you trust

  • Food for Oldage Home
    Public . 3 campaign supporters . 603 Views
    There are around 50 old age who are staying in Sai Vridh Ashram. Timely meal is a big challenge for the oldage people at asharam. Your donation will go directly to NGO managing the Oldage home...

  • Help Disabled with basic necessities
    Public . 3 campaign supporters . 473 Views
    There are more than 20 blind people residing in the premises of society and need support for daily necessities.

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